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Jul. 1st, 2010 09:35 pm
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Gnaaah, cute has devoured my brain.
I'm spreading it in the hopes of dissolving everyone else's brains.

Hamster House Supernatural fic, gen, PG-13. Set after S5 ep16, and featuring Sam, Dean, and hamsters.

Fic rec

Sep. 15th, 2009 11:27 pm
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Bringing the Walls Down,

one truly awesome, amazingly written story. Supernatural/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog crossover, in which Billy ends up joining Sam and Dean in fighting the apocalypse.
Slight warning: there is threesome sex that involves the brothers. Read it anyway. Link goes to part 1 of 3, rated NC-17


Dec. 20th, 2008 04:13 am
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Actually, a rec of a recpage. -facepalm-

Various Merlin recs, all fantastic

And some more
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Have got to rec this, by Canis M. 'First Quarter' Si/Re, G. In which Remus gets cravings at certain times of the moon, and Sirius is very long-suffering. :)
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Another rec or several.

Through a Shattered Mirror by Rushlight. NC-17, HP/SS/DM. After Harry is captured, he is given to Snape along with Draco Malfoy. A form of Stockholm syndrome develops between them, but when the end comes it becomes more.

The Boy in the Cupboard Under the Stairs by Under the Oak Tree. No pairing, PG-13. The boy under the stairs has never truly left his cupboard, until someone who can see past the hero comes to save him.

Will finish updating this later. Possibly.

Mixed recs

Jul. 6th, 2005 11:38 pm
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Second time lucky. Bloody computer

[Art]Millicent and her Marcus One of the few Millicent pictures I've found that don't make her look like a depressed troll. Also, I love that pose. :) By [ profile] trickofthedark

[Fic]'the Familiar' HP/SS, NC-17. Harry gets turned into a frog, and then turned back. By Resonant ([ profile] resonant8), who also wrote the wonderful 'Transfigurations'. (Starts here, go read it if you haven't! HP/DM, post-Hogwarts/war)

[Poem]'Your Revolution' By Sarah Jones. A kick-back against some of the anti-feminist lyrics of modern rap music. Very funny and thought-provoking. Of course, if you are watching it on a tv clip with your father, that thought is 'this is mildly embarrassing'
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Another rec. I really should combine this post with the previous one, but I can't be bothered.

'The Naked Quidditch Match', written entirely in the form of email (or 'mmail', the magical version) between various characters. PG-13, a lost bet by the Weasley Twins in a magical game of truth or dare leads to the entire Gryffindor team having to play their next match completely naked.
The final chapter is actually found here, not at the link specified on chapter 9.

Brilliantly funny. I love this story!
How the hell do you type the little heart symbols?
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*snorts drink down nose*
This is bloody hilarious. It's written almost entirely in dialogue, and is Snape giving a sex-ed talk. So snarky!
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Oh god, I have to rec this story, if only for the last line.

Bill/Remus, NC-17. By Leo Gryffin
Summary: Remus is dragged out of his element, and encounters someone he never thought he'd want. (copied from
'Poker night'
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I never really like Buffy/Angel-verse fanfic, but I read this after reading some of the author's Star Wars stuff (another fandom I rarely go near), and it's wonderful. AU, probably R. What could have happened if Andrew had been turned when he was fifteen, already knowing about the Slayer and helping out, and didn't go completely evil. Sad ending, but quality writing. Also some slash, nothing massively explicit.
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Link 'A Taste of Liberty', by lamardeuse. HP/SS, NC-17. Harry runs of to America to try to lose his virginity, and Snape is sent to bring him back. Wonderful story, with some brilliant muggle characters and an excellent characterisation of Harry and Snape. :D

Link to fic on Ao3

Story link

Mar. 15th, 2005 04:40 pm
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Funeral last friday. The house still holds his memory, and I don't want to accept that he's gone.

'Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent' R/NC-17 HP/SS, post-war. Harry is Lord Executor for Voldemort, bound against his will. Each little death he dies takes him closer to freedom. Brilliant story. *loves*

Art rec

Feb. 22nd, 2005 04:17 pm
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Eyeliner!Remus One of the only make-up wearing Remus' I've found where he is still undeniably masculine. And so very hot. G, by Hibiscus.
Also, story:
Link Harry/Severus, in three parts (R, NC-17, NC-17 respectively). Well written, and the ending is so heartbreaking!


Feb. 21st, 2005 09:41 pm
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Link HP/SS smut, but touchingly written without discending into mush. NC-17, u/name=winter, pass=darkness. And if you get into trouble for reading this stuff underage, you never heard of me. :)
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This nearly gave me a hernia, I was laughing so hard.
Which is bad, if you have a hacking cough. *winces*
So fucking funny. H/D, and they're both escaping from other people trying to romance them. So very, very, fucking funny.
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Am stinking ill, and really need to keep track of time when reading harry potter pornfanfiction. Thus, linkage!
Link And it's not porn! 'The 5 sickle box', starring Weasley's Wizard Wheeze. G rated really, and featuring a SPORK!!!!
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Have a stinking cold and feel shitty, which is why I'm still up at 1.27am reading HP porn. And linking it.
Link HP/SB/RL, NC-17. I absolutely adore the last line of this, and the entire thing is wonderfully written. If the passprotect is on, it's u/n=psa and pass=james1. (I know I'm probably not meant to be giving that out unrestricted, but what the hell. Freedom of expression and all that jazz.)
Link to story found 8/4/17
This is priceless. Sirius, trying to give Harry 'the talk'. :D
There were some brilliant HP/LM ones on there that I read earlier, but I'm too fucking tired to sift through my net history to find them so they will remain unlinked.
I will, however, link this, an Angel-verse Wes/Giles that makes them work, perfectly. Again, NC-17 and in two parts. The second is linked at the bottom of the first.
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Link This is brilliant! Aziraphale gets saddled with a rather inept apprentice, which isn't helped by the fact that he isn't the most ept teacher. And when a mutant miracle gets loose, Hell is turned upside down. And Aziraphale adopts a rather...unique way of saving people's souls.

HP link

Jan. 10th, 2005 02:07 pm
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Link 'A girl like me', a brilliant Remus/Sirius genderfuck story with Remus (temporarily) as a girl. NC-17, due to sex. Lovely little story. :)
Link 'Just desserts', another Re/Siri genderfuck story, this time making it to full-blown femmeslash status. I love this, especially the bit when James is restraining Sirius. :D

Yes, I am avoiding revising for tomorrow's exam by reading por... fan literature. I've become such a slacker. *is shameless*
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More GO links!
Link Summer in London, and Crowley is too hot. Features a lovely little line about penguins.
Link Aziraphale gets drunk and dead, and on his return Crowley worries about him falling.


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