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So, self-diagnosed mild anaemia.

This is new.
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I had my ultrasound today.

I've decided, I hate them.
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Damn and blast. Have a stinking cold/sore throat, just in time for Christmas.

However, the new D&G ad for watches has a very catchy tune and two versions- one which ends with two guys, who then kiss. This makes me want to squeee for some reason, possibly because it was in the afternoon when I caught it. Plus, cute guys kissing. *is perv*
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Why the hell do I continue to research what's wrong with me?! Why can't I just give up and let the doctor lie to me?!!

Around 75% of women with PCOS end up (to some degree) infertile.
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Ok, so last night I ended up in A&E after throwing up bright red blood at 1am and freaking the hell out of my flatmates by promptly going completely out of it.
I've been getting acid reflux due to stressing over the doctor's appointment, and the doctor at the hospital thinks that weakened/damaged my stomach/oesophagus.
Cue the worst migraine I've ever had last night, the stomach pain from which caused me to vomit, which triggered a small tear in my stomach lining. Hence the blood.

I'm fine now, I have a pending prescription of short-term strong antacids to let everything heal.

The doctor thinks I have PCOD, as I have a very typical history/symptom presentation. Blood was taken for tests, should get those results in a week. It should be treatable with meds.

Damn life

Dec. 4th, 2005 11:15 pm
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Ok, cut for TMI worries of a female nature.

Damn ovaries... )


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