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I wish my brain would stop trying to mash up Red, Red Wine with Away in a Manger.

Seriously, it's been doing it for over an hour now.


Jan. 22nd, 2009 01:45 am
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Secret mutant ninja bananas.


Anyone seen my sanity?


Jan. 2nd, 2009 04:16 am
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Ok, so the Merlin section of my memories has exploded like a Mythbusters water heater.

I need to go through them, prune some, re-sort the rest into categories so that I can find ones I want to re-read better.

I started this once upon a time with my HP mems, and never finished. I made it too complicated a sorting system.



Sorting things into porn, not porn, and RPS may be simple, but is not a good sign.

It isn't.

oh ye gods, I'm going to end up with that as a filing system. -facepalm-


Mar. 3rd, 2008 03:10 am
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Ok, brain?

Please don't ever link the words 'Dalek' and 'spanking' again in any way, shape or form. Ever
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I had a really odd dream the other night, and I think it's sufficiently weird enough to share. :P

It featured Wolverine (Xmen) at a psychiatric hospital that was a combination of the Xavier mansion and Hogwarts. In fact, I distinctly remember one bit where Logan (as the doctors knew him) asked a new doctor about his previous one, and was told there had been an 'incident' and he'd killed him. The doctor then obliviated him, of all memories of the previous doctor as the knowledge would impede his progress. Then there was a flash back, and he was engaging in a fight with a large dragon who could spit gold coins and fire (the setting was sort of medieval, sword'n'sorcery type stuff). He defeated the dragon by pinning it's tongue still, whenever it tried to spit coins or flames at him, with a boy/squire he'd brought with him. He then left the boy with the dragon, who he kept calling 'your majesty' (quite sincerely). This endeared the boy to the dragon, who was giving him etiquette/social-climbing lessons as Logan left. Back to the present (still medieval, although with tarmac-ed roads) and Logan suddenly remembered that his mother had been known in their village 'sweet Loralie'.
Then I woke up.

An I apparently have to be up at 7am tomorrow so we can finish packing and leave for Denmark. Bugger.

[Edit, at 4.56am]Fuck going to bed. I'll sleep during the journey.
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Wheeeee, swings!

Also, strawberries taste nice dipped in a little golden syrup. Mmmmm, syrupy fun


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