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Holy bananas, I've missed more updates than I expected. Apologies to anyone actually waiting for theirs, and here are (most of) the ones I've missed.

For [ profile] simmysim
Wordcount: 100
Prompt: Taito, sex on the beach, an increadibly corny pickup-line
A/N: Possibly not what you meant by Sex on the beach. Or the pickup line.

Drabble #5 )

For [ profile] glass_icarus
Wordcount: 100
Prompt: Crowley/Aziraphale, hay fever.
A/n: The penguin snuck in. I couldn't stop it.

Drabble #6 )

For [ profile] amor_remanet
Wordcount: 245
Prompt: Aziraphale/Crowley, an older Adam, Dog, snow, plaid, scarves, pockets, coffee. I failed at the coffee and the pockets.

Drabble #7 )

For: [ profile] xxflissxx
Wordcount: 100
Prompt: Sirius/OFC, Sirius realises she's the one for him.
A/n: I really don't think this is what you meant with the prompt, but it's all I could manage. The R/S snuck in there slightly as well.

Drabble #8 )

For: [ profile] ladyblack888
Wordcount: 250
Prompt: Dog/Padfoot friendship

Drabble #9 )

For [ profile] kittehkat
Wordcount: 150
Prompt: Remus/Sirius, Marauder-era, nipple.
A/n: possibly not what you intended either. Slightly angsty. But it does contain nipples!

Drabble #10 )
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Ack, sorry this is so late.

For [ profile] homuxeiku_loff
Wordcount: 250
Prompt: Good Omens, Famine, Pollution, yaoi, drought.

Drabble #3 )
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I really should post these earlier in the day.

Anyway, drabble 2 for [ profile] laura_anne
Wordcount: 215
Prompt: What happens when Luna Lovegood and Aziraphale interact. Um, not really sure if this fits.

Drabble #2 )


Jul. 1st, 2005 10:35 pm
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A series of 100-word drabbles that I've been meaning to post for a while now. Ooops.

Good Omens-Stumble )

Harry Potter-Stumble )

Harry Potter-Breaking )

Harry Potter-art inspired )

Harry Potter-Feral )
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Link This is brilliant! Aziraphale gets saddled with a rather inept apprentice, which isn't helped by the fact that he isn't the most ept teacher. And when a mutant miracle gets loose, Hell is turned upside down. And Aziraphale adopts a rather...unique way of saving people's souls.
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More GO links!
Link Summer in London, and Crowley is too hot. Features a lovely little line about penguins.
Link Aziraphale gets drunk and dead, and on his return Crowley worries about him falling.
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More links.
Link Aziraphale tries thwarting using a very different tactic.
Link You've got to love a story that includes the phrase 'book porn', and has crowley accidentally buying books.
Link The seven deadly sins. In ice cream format!
Link A/C in a restaurant, arguing about apples.
Link A BtVS-verse fic, involving Spike, Xander, and Popsicle sex. Mmmm. [NC-17]
Link Another BtVS/A link, Xander and Spike in the supermarket. Apparently looking for toothpaste. :P
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More GO links. These entries are becoming less like journal entries, and more like a reading list. Oh well.
Link Christmas, and Aziraphale blurts out his truth when clothes shopping.
Link Aziraphale and Crowley visit Adam, and recount the angel's 'wanton seduction' of Crowley in America.
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Link Crowley dreams strange, cute dreams.
Link Parody, uberfragile!Aziraphale and OOCGood!Crowley. Bloody funny drabble.
Link I have no idea what the hell this is crossing GO with, but it's bloody good all the same. The only bit of Pollution slash I've come across, and well written too.
[Have just been google-ing, Nagi is apparently an assassin from Weiss Kreuz)
Link A wonderful little Hastur/Ligur set.
Link Crowley has eggs, but he's not the best father around.
And that's the end of the best Daegaer story links, because I've finished reading the entire lot of them.
And damn..bles..ruddy good they were too!
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Link Aziraphale gets recalled, and Crowley is not happy.
Link A mild disagreement about flowers.
Link A wonderful little wing-fic, with Crowley apparently undergoing a new look.
Link Very good, in a mildly horrific way. Crowley is teaching Home Ec.
Link Rome, the Saturnalia festival and A&C trading slightly.
Link Aziraphale contemplates using how others see him to further his work.
Link A neat little GO take on the Day After Tomorrow.
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Even more GO links! I should really just make one ruddy big list of the things, but that'd be too simple and I keep finding new ones anyway. Most (if not all) of these are by Daegaer.
This is a most amusing little drabble.
This features a rather bleak future possibility, and the wrath of Aziraphale.
Link A WWII drabble/story, and not who you'd expect.
Link A beautiful follow-up to the link above, that shows a slightly different side to Crowley.
Link Three drabbles, still WWII!Crowley fics.
Link Crowley. And glitter. And gloss paint. *snrk*
Link Crowley's perspective, from the Fall onwards. Second part links in to Great War ones linked above, and covers Crowley's recovery afterwards. One of the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful, stunning pieces of writing I've ever read. In fact, all Daegaer's Great war fics fit into that description, and they should be read by everybody.
Link This is just bloody hilarious! Crowley is asking Aziraphale questions, because they're apparently married. *snickers*
Link Oh, this is just brilliantly funny! It has a disguised Aziraphale, and a lovely little ending with Crowley.
Link AU-ish, after the Almostaggedon. Twp Japanese schoolboys, who aren't what they think they are.
Link A wonderful little GO/BtVS crossover, that fits rather neatly.
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This is so very much like my own past experiences with plants, except I've never managed to make them suicidal and spiderplants thrive on anything, including neglect. A/C if you squint, just adorable!
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Another link.
Shattered glass
Aziraphale gets hurt, and Crowley actually asks for help.
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Oh, this is bloody funny! It involves Hastur/Ligur, Aziraphale being a super!angel, and Crowley panicking. Very much something to read when not eating/drinking.
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All of us An A/C fic, set in the future. Only two chapters so far, but a good concept. Crowley's prediction is coming true.


Dec. 26th, 2004 04:45 pm
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Still on my GO link-kick.
This is brilliant. It has A/C, humour and FEEGLES!!!
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I've fallen in love with this fandom, which I had pretty much avoided up until now despite having read my copy of GO so much it is best described as 'tatty'.
And so, I have links!! *maniacal grin*
Crowley/Aziraphale, by Sam Vimes A wonderful story, adding a new dimension to the angel/demon aspect.
Dog has created puppies. A sweet little ficlet, and entirely accurate in regards to certain puppy traits.
Sparks War/Pepper
Spawn A sort-of sequel to Sparks by a different author
A Strenuous family Possible sequel to sparks (by the same author)
Living Aziraphale is human, with all that entails. A/C angst. Big, beautiful angst.
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Different fandom this time, a Good Omens story. One of the most beautiful things I think I've ever read.
Aziraphael/Crowley, PG-ish
*is in love*


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