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I never really like Buffy/Angel-verse fanfic, but I read this after reading some of the author's Star Wars stuff (another fandom I rarely go near), and it's wonderful. AU, probably R. What could have happened if Andrew had been turned when he was fifteen, already knowing about the Slayer and helping out, and didn't go completely evil. Sad ending, but quality writing. Also some slash, nothing massively explicit.
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Have a stinking cold and feel shitty, which is why I'm still up at 1.27am reading HP porn. And linking it.
Link HP/SB/RL, NC-17. I absolutely adore the last line of this, and the entire thing is wonderfully written. If the passprotect is on, it's u/n=psa and pass=james1. (I know I'm probably not meant to be giving that out unrestricted, but what the hell. Freedom of expression and all that jazz.)
Link to story found 8/4/17
This is priceless. Sirius, trying to give Harry 'the talk'. :D
There were some brilliant HP/LM ones on there that I read earlier, but I'm too fucking tired to sift through my net history to find them so they will remain unlinked.
I will, however, link this, an Angel-verse Wes/Giles that makes them work, perfectly. Again, NC-17 and in two parts. The second is linked at the bottom of the first.
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This is the kind of crack-madness that makes sense in my mind. It's funny, makes sense, and involves sex or related themes.
(Angel/BtVS-verse fanfic, mainly slash and most high rated. Whee!)
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More links.
Link Aziraphale tries thwarting using a very different tactic.
Link You've got to love a story that includes the phrase 'book porn', and has crowley accidentally buying books.
Link The seven deadly sins. In ice cream format!
Link A/C in a restaurant, arguing about apples.
Link A BtVS-verse fic, involving Spike, Xander, and Popsicle sex. Mmmm. [NC-17]
Link Another BtVS/A link, Xander and Spike in the supermarket. Apparently looking for toothpaste. :P


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