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I kid you not, this is an actual link. And it's almost completely clean.
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I never thought I'd be doing this.
Star wars fanart recs, both series of oekaki drawing. No idea what the hell's really going on, as I can't read the Japanese(?) script.
Anyway, Ani/Obi art:
Anakin and Obi-wan from start to finish and darkside!Anakin+Obi-wan.

If anyone can tell me where to translate the text, I would be most appreciative. *grins*
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Oh god, I have to rec this story, if only for the last line.

Bill/Remus, NC-17. By Leo Gryffin
Summary: Remus is dragged out of his element, and encounters someone he never thought he'd want. (copied from
'Poker night'
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Have a stinking cold and feel shitty, which is why I'm still up at 1.27am reading HP porn. And linking it.
Link HP/SB/RL, NC-17. I absolutely adore the last line of this, and the entire thing is wonderfully written. If the passprotect is on, it's u/n=psa and pass=james1. (I know I'm probably not meant to be giving that out unrestricted, but what the hell. Freedom of expression and all that jazz.)
Link to story found 8/4/17
This is priceless. Sirius, trying to give Harry 'the talk'. :D
There were some brilliant HP/LM ones on there that I read earlier, but I'm too fucking tired to sift through my net history to find them so they will remain unlinked.
I will, however, link this, an Angel-verse Wes/Giles that makes them work, perfectly. Again, NC-17 and in two parts. The second is linked at the bottom of the first.
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I found in a link from someone else's journal (that I was reading after seeing their art in the Andropotter communtity), and sometimes humanity really makes me sick. That people in power would blatently use that power to flaunt their prejudiced, homophobic views and make them into discriminatory laws just beggers belief. Civilised man, so advanced that they use petty, spiteful tactics to drive away people that they don't like.
America, land of the free. Yes, free so long as you CONFORM TO THE MASS-PERCEIVED 'NORMAL'. I like Europe. Europe has countries that don't pass laws like this, that are more accepting.
I would post something happier, but this has me incensed. I feel like stomping around, going 'Bloody Americans!', but I also have a sinus headache. *sulk*


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